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German Silver Belt Buckles

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550s.jpg 550 - 559 Overlaid jewelers bronze edge. Hand engraved background. 550-Longhorn Head, 551-Quarter Horse Head, 552-Horse and Rider, 553-Triple Horse Heads, 554-Hereford Head, 555-Bronc, 556-Horse Head, 557- 4-H, 558-Plain Center, 559-Standing Horse $100.00 $80.00
565s.jpg 560 - 569 Plain edge German Silver buckle. Hand engraved. 560-Longhorn Head, 561-Quarter Horse Head, 562-Horse and Rider, 563-Triple Horse Heads, 564-Hereford Head, 565-Bronc, 566-Horse Head, 567- 4-H, 568-Plain Center, 569-Standing Horse $81.25 $65.00
571s.jpg 570 - 579 Rope edge and hand engraving. 570-Longhorn Head, 571-Quarter Horse Head, 572-Horse and Rider, 573-Triple Horse Heads, 574-Hereford Head, 575-Bronc, 576-Horse Head, 577- 4-H, 578-Plain Center, 579-Standing Horse $100.00 $80.00
583s.jpg 580 - 589 Hand engraved plain edge buckle. 580-Longhorn Head, 581-Quarter Horse Head, 582-Horse and Rider, 583-Triple Horse Heads, 584-Hereford Head, 585-Bronc, 586-Horse Head, 587- 4-H, 588-Plain Center, 589-Standing Horse $81.25 $65.00
652651s.jpg 652 Overlaid jewelers bronze bronze rosettes and star. Hand engraved background. shown at left in picture $118.75 $95.00
652651s.jpg 651 Completely engraved German SIlver buckle with a jewelers bronze star. A sheriff posse favorite. Engraving available on ribbons and circle. shown at right in picture $106.25 $85.00
654655s.jpg 654-655 Intaglio Horse and Rider. 654 shown at left in picture, 655 on right. $93.75 $75.00
656657s.jpg 656 Intaglio Quarter Horse. shown at left in picture $87.50 $70.00
656657s.jpg 657 - 658 Intaglio Quarter Horse. 657 shown at center in picture, 658 at right $81.25 $65.00
659s.jpg 659 Embossed star with overlaid jewelers bronze horse head. Hand engraved background. shown in picture $87.50 $70.00
663s.jpg 660 - 669 Our smallest oval buckle in the rodeo trophy series. Farm scene background and hand engraved. 660-Cutting horse and calf, 661-Bulldogger, 662-Horse and Rider, 663-Bareback Bronc, 664-Bullrider, 665-Stake Racer, 666-Barrel Racer, 667-Steer Roper, 668-Calf Roper, 669-Saddle Bronc $37.50 $30.00
674s.jpg 670 - 679 A welcome addition to our inexpensive rodeo trophy series. Two pressed ribbons for lettering. 670-Cutting horse and calf, 671-Bulldogger, 672-Horse and Rider, 673-Bareback Bronc, 674-Bullrider, 675-Stake Racer, 676-Barrel Racer, 677-Steer Roper, 678-Calf Roper, 679-Saddle Bronc $37.50 $30.00
680s.jpg 680 German Silver rectangle. Fully hand engraved floral background. as shown (fig 65) or any cast figure $100.00 $80.00
680 any group A figure $75.00 $60.00
690s.jpg 690 Jewelers bronze figure. Hand engraved background. as shown (fig W7) or any cast figure $106.25 $85.00
690 any group A figure $81.25 $65.00

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